Marijuana Depot

1123 Sleater Kinney Rd SE
Lacey, WA 98503
(360) 628-8473
Open 9am–10:30pm

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We are in the middle of the biggest "gold rush" since the 1800's.History is being made every day and you can be part of that. We are committed to having the very finest professional career oriented employees in the business. We are committed to not only advancing the professional careers of our staff but we are also committed to providing an inspiring, fun, energetic, creative, profitable, and positive environment for them to work in.


We have designed our stores to be staff friendly making it easier for you to sell our products, gain knowledge about our products, and to be the most professional in the services you offer our customers. We will completely train you in the art of 502 retail sales and how to have your customers come in and ask for you by your name - you will be their hero.

Marijuana Depot is the first 502 retailer to have "live" bud-tender reviews. You will have the opportunity of being able to personally pick samples of our products to test and we will professionally video tape you while you are doing it - while you give a live review of the products you are trying. This will be broadcast on our Facebook, in our stores, on our private YouTube channel, and on our website. WE WILL MAKE YOU FAMOUS!!!

You will be encouraged to promote yourself on your own personal company Facebook page; which we will help you set up and administer. We want you to be known by your customers as a true professional and the one they want to go to know anything about the marijuana field.

We offer a profit sharing program, as an option, for our staff. We want to share the wealth with you - the more motivated you are- the more all of us will grow and prosper together. This is not just about us - it is about you our staff- you are the front line to our customer. If you are happy, having fun, professionally knowledgeable, and incentivized- you will be able to provide a more genuine and professional service to our customer. WE ARE A TEAM!

What are we looking for? We are looking for full and part-time individuals. We are looking for individuals who may have some experience in sales, marketing, or customer service; or in positions that required them to have to deal with the public on a one- on -one basis. This is not absolutely necessary but will be tremendously helpful. You must be confident, have a positive attitude, be creative, be willing to learn, be goal oriented, and dependable. And most of all you must be a TEAM PLAYER!